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Founded in 2012, our focus has always been on making meals simple but delicious! We use everyday supermarket ingredients and easy-to-follow steps so you can spend minutes (not hours) getting food on the table.

Through our website, magazine, and cookbooks, we publish our recipes for the busiest of home cooks who want to feel good about what they are feeding their families. Our websites packed full of helpful tips, how-tos, and articles covering popular ingredients like meats, produce, and spices.

Headquartered in the great lake state of Michigan, we work year-round to make sure that every season of eating is covered.

What We’re About


At BestRecipes, our mission is to keep it simple every day. We all know life can be complicated, but cooking certainly doesn’t have to be. Simple meals get on the table faster, food brings people together, and that’s what it’s all about — bringing people together, one meal at a time.

We know that stating we have the best recipes is a bit audacious, we’ll admit that. But when we think of a “best recipe,” it’s not always the perfectly-authentic one; it’s the one that was simple to make as well as delicious, so you make it again and again. It’s the recipes that just “click.” That’s what we strive for! If you’re looking for recipes that use complicated steps or take hours to make – not including wonderful slow cooker recipes – then you’re in the wrong place. 🙂

Our Recipes


Foods from all across the globe inspire our team. We break these often complex dishes down — making them as simple as they can be. So no matter your cooking skill level, you’ll be able to make the recipe perfect every time. After they pass our flavor and complexity test, those recipes get published here on our website, in our magazine, or in one of our cookbooks (more on both of those below!)

Our Team


We’re a team that loves food, and we believe dinner should be fun and easy — never feel like a chore. Our team is comprised of chefs and home cooks like you that believe all recipes need to be approachable for everyone. We think of you, our reader, as we develop each and every recipe. Because if these recipes don’t serve you, they’re serving no one.

Our Media Properties & Products


We publish our delicious and high-quality recipes across many platforms: our content-rich website, topic-focused cookbooks and ebooks, our seasonal minded magazine, social media, and through emails. We want to meet you where you are, so whatever method you prefer to compile your recipes, we’re right there with you!

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