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Falafels make for an already delicious appetizer or entree but I had the thought one day, “Why not make them
While perhaps thought more of as a brunch item than the main entree for dinner, quiche has all the makings
What do you get when you slather a ham sandwich with a Dijon bechamel sauce and gruyere cheese? This sandwich!
All the ingredients of eggplant Parmesan, but layered like lasagna! It’s not only beautiful, but also a much easier (and
Step aside chicken pot pie, there’s a new dinner in town! I gave one of my favorite appetizers a fun,
The classic burger gets reimagined! Roasted poblano peppers and onions are served on a juicy pork burger and topped with
A patty melt may be best described as a cross between a grilled cheese and a cheeseburger. Perfectly seasoned beef
What’s more nostalgic than a classic grilled cheese sandwich? I often crave them but I also like to have a
If you love a grilled burger but feel like bringing out the grill just to make two is a bit
Sausage, peppers, and onions are a classic combination and one that you'll see a few times in this book. In

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