Party Planning 101: How to Maximize Your Space

You may be holding off on throwing that big party because you fear you don’t have enough space. Well, think again. You don’t have to be Gatsby throw an awesome get together. You just have to know how to maximize the space you have to work with.

Rethink your seating. If you don’t have enough seats for everyone, consider creative seating options. Put out throw pillows and folding chairs. You can also turn heavy duty ottomans and blanket chests into seating for the night. If you still don’t think you’ll have enough seating available, you can always ask friends or family to allow you to borrow extra throw pillows or folding chairs for your guests.

Reconfigure the furniture. Look at your floor plan and see if there is anything you can move to better maximize your space. This may require moving furniture out of the entertaining area and into a room you won’t be using. You may always want to move furniture in such a way that allows for better conversation.

Make use of the outdoors. If the weather permits it, consider using your outdoor space: the porch, patio, deck, and/or yard. This can be a great way to extend the space available. However, if it’s cold outside (not freezing), you can use the porch or deck to store your drinks (to maximize your indoor space).

Think small (when it comes to the food). Downsize the menu by choosing finger foods. This can conserve space by not requiring utensils or larger plates. Plus, finger foods are conducive for standing and conversing.

Create a separate space for guest items. Use another room for guest items such as coats. This will conserve space in your entertaining area and allow for more seating.

You don’t have to own a huge house to throw a big party! With a little creativity and know how, you can maximize the space you have. So start planning, and enjoy some good conversation with family and friends.

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