Drinkable Soups – Nutrition and Convenience in One Bottle

Drinkable soups have been garnering attention for a couple years now. But, this year they may be growing in popularity.

The drinkable soup option is becoming more valuable as people search for convenient, nutritional snacks. People with busy lives are digging how portable this food staple is, and that it’s heartier than juices, helping stave off hunger for longer.

But what kinds of soups are we talking? We’re not necessarily talking about your traditional soups like chicken noodle. These drinkable soups are often unique and give a whole new meaning to soup. And, while they’re heartier than juices, you won’t find them to be chunky like a bowl of soup. These soups are often sipped at a chilled temperature. You can find flavors like Sweet Potato and Red Lentil or Cucumber Avocado. There is a wide range of unique flavor opportunities.

There are also quite a few brands offering these drinkable snacks. If you Google drinkable soups, you’ll find a number of choices on the market or just go to Amazon and put in drinkable soup and you’ll have your pick. But, if you’d prefer to make them yourself, that’s an option too.

Pinterest offers a wealth of ideas for creating your own tasty, filling snacks on the go. Check out this article from Refinery29, they’ve compiled some of the best options on Pinterest, including soups such as Roasted Garlic & Asparagus Soup, Roasted Tomato Basil Soup with Chickpeas, and Curry Cauliflower Soup. The ideas are almost endless. In fact, if you felt creative, you could probably mix up your own soups for on-the-go.

Drinkable soups offer an excellent option for getting your nutrition conveniently. You can consume veggies and fruits on the run without an issue. It makes the perfect complement to a busy day and a healthy diet. So, will you be giving this trend a try?

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