Does the idea of getting dinner on the table after a busy day sound more like a fairytale than reality?

You’re busy and life can be crazy; does it ever actually slow down? We get it, having to come up with dinner for the family seems nearly impossible. Well not anymore.


You may think this sounds crazy, but we assure you making delicious meals at home doesn’t have to take tons of time. There is no struggling to find ‘specialty’ ingredients, these delicious meals start with simple and fresh ingredients, and are done in just a few easy steps.

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“The recipes in this book are so good and so easy to make. I haven’t made them all yet, but I very much enjoyed what I did make. I feel like these are different from typical cookbooks and feel like there is more variety.”

J Bee
Amazon Review
“Buy it!!! This is the BEST cookbook. Every recipe I have tried is delicious and very easy to do while also having two small kiddos. This book makes me happy to cook!”
No Name
Amazon Review

“I love these recipes, easy with very few ingredients and NOT BORING. Interesting and exotic!”

Sharon T
Amazon Review

What you can expect from this cookbook


Simple and approachable recipes regardless of your cooking skills


From start to finish, these recipes can be made in under an hour


Easy preparation with fresh ingredients are the keys to making these great-tasting meals


Keeping your wallet and tummies full

A cookbook you've been waiting for

Discover a cookbook that brings 30 tested recipes that will turn out exactly as you expect, every time you make them. Because isn’t that how it should be?

Start saving time in the kitchen and getting back to doing what you love! Your dinner really can be done with minimal effort. Say goodbye to kitchen-intimidation and hello to many delicious dinners!

So, what are you waiting for?

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