Celery is highly aromatic offering a strong flavor to dishes. It may be eaten plain, dipped in ranch, with a spread of peanut butter or a dollop of cream cheese. Celery stalks and leaves are also good in stews and salads.

Celery seeds and salt are available as well and can provide a nice seasoning. However, keep in mind it can be a strong flavor (picture concentrated celery).  It can pair well with vegetables, sauces, in pickling, and some fish dishes. Want to try a unique Chicago favorite? Try a Chicago Dog. Cook a hot dog and place on a poppy seed bun. And add the following toppings: chopped white onions, a dill pickle spear, two tomato slices, pickled sport peppers, and yellow mustard. Finish with a sprinkle of celery salt. Let your taste buds travel to the Windy City.

Fresh celery should appear crisp and green. Avoid any that have shriveled stems, yellowing on the leaves or generally look spoiled and droopy.

It’s a very low-calorie snack that comes with some health benefits. Fresh celery offers a good amount of vitamin K, while the leaves also have antioxidants and vitamin A. It is also high in fiber (soluble and insoluble). 

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