Celebrate National Pasta Month with 5 Tasty Dishes!

October is National Pasta Month, which seems appropriate since the fall season is all about comfort foods. Pasta, in Italian, translates to “paste.” Which is in reference to how the dough is made, it’s often a mix of flour and water (or eggs). Pasta is a term that is usually associated with Italian noodles, while there are lots of other noodles present in various cultures (and having an ancient history).

Pasta can be prepared fresh or dried for longer shelf life. Of course, in America, we’re more acquainted with dried pasta. Three of the most popular choices are macaroni, spaghetti, and penne. A great way to tell if your pasta is properly cooked is to throw it against a wall. If it sticks, you have a winner! And, if you’re not planning to eat all of your pasta at once, you can freeze it for up to three months.

Pasta is a favorite among many. And “Italians eat over 60lbs of pasta, per person, per year.” Italy also “produces 1,432,900 tons of pasta a year.” But, Italians aren’t the only ones who love pasta. The National Pasta Association is worldwide. They meet to discuss pasta, talk about its history, and even enjoy some tasty dishes.

It’s not only a comfort food, but it’s a versatile and affordable food. So celebrate fall with a few of our favorites:

1. Easy Tomato Caper Pasta

2. Shrimp Pasta

3. Stuffed Meatballs

4. Easy Tomato Basil Pasta

5. Spinach Lemon Cream Sauce

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