Spelt Banana Bread

Do you want a great snack/breakfast without the wheat? Try out this recipe for Spelt Banana Bread; it uses spelt flour, which is free of wheat. It’s also low in gluten. The recipe is easy. […]


Super Easy Beer Bread

* Ah yes, self-rising flour. I always hated when recipes called for this because I never kept it on-hand. I have a simple substitution for you! For each cup of all-purpose flour, add 1 1/4 […]

Sides and Appetizers

Roasted Asparagus

This is a simplified recipe with a delicious end result. Its super easy, it takes no time at all. All you need are four ingredients: salt, pepper, asparagus and olive oil – that’s it! Start […]


Cheesy Cauliflower

What’s better tasting than cheesy cauliflower, or cheesy anything for that matter?! This recipe is simply delicious. It’s creamy goodness! However, it is on the moderate side of cooking. It’s not as simple as some […]

Sides and Appetizers

Roasted Salsa

Homemade salsa will take the cake any day. Another successful creation by Gina, the roasted tomatoes and peppers in this salsa bring a flavor you can’t find in store-bought counterparts. It’s so good, you might need […]


Sweet Mandarin Salad

Any salad with Mandarin oranges on it has my attention. This one is not an exception. Another fantastic post by Gina. I had never heard of having green beans on a salad before, but it […]


Zuppa Italiano

Zuppa Italiano This five star recipe is one you’ll want to slurp down. The broth is bursting with flavor. Each bite is a mouthwatering treat. The ingredients include: sweet onion, garlic, chicken broth, potatoes, heavy […]


Thai Kickin Chicken Soup

Step aside “faint of heart,” this soup is for the “fire breathers.” It’s got the savory heat that spice-seekers crave. The culprits include: ginger root, red curry paste, jalapenos and cilantro. However, that’s not all […]


Pine Nut Dressing

This eloquent dressing has a divine taste. The nutty flavors of nutmeg and pine nuts mingle with the strong aroma of tarragon. These intriguing ingredients develop a satisfying flavor, especially when combined with the fresh […]