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We’re your go-to destination for delicious, time-saving recipes designed to simplify your cooking and get dinner on the table quickly. Our team of kitchen experts is dedicated to creating recipes that are easy to follow and use everyday supermarket ingredients.

Founded in 2012, BestRecipes has been committed to making meals simple yet delicious. We know that life can be hectic, but cooking doesn’t have to be. That’s why we focus on providing recipes that can be prepared in minutes, not hours, without compromising on flavor.

Based in the heart of Michigan, we cater to home cooks who want to feel confident about what they’re serving their families. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, our website, social media, and cookbooks offer a wealth of resources, including helpful tips, how-tos, and articles covering a variety of popular ingredients.

What We’re About

At BestRecipes, our mission is simple: to bring people together through the joy of cooking. We believe that simple meals not only save time but also create memorable moments around the dinner table. Our definition of the “best recipe” isn’t necessarily the most elaborate or authentic; it’s the one that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and flavor, making it a go-to favorite for busy households.

Our Recipes

Inspired by cuisines from around the world, our team is passionate about breaking down complex dishes into easy-to-follow recipes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find our recipes accessible and foolproof. Every recipe undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our standards of taste and simplicity before being shared on our website, in our magazine, or in one of our cookbooks.

Our Team

We’re a diverse team of food enthusiasts, including chefs and home cooks, united by our love for delicious, approachable recipes. With you, our reader, in mind, we strive to develop recipes that cater to a wide range of tastes and skill levels. After all, if our recipes don’t serve you, they don’t serve anyone.

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From our content-rich website to our topic-focused cookbooks and ebooks, we offer a variety of platforms for you to discover and enjoy our recipes. Whether you prefer flipping through the pages of a magazine, scrolling through social media, or receiving recipes directly in your inbox, we’re committed to meeting you where you are.

Join us on our culinary journey as we make cooking fun, easy, and delicious, one recipe at a time!

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