9 Italian Recipes That Are Satisfying and Delicious

There are so many delicious foods that have originated from Italy. It’s no wonder so many cities in Italy have become foodie destinations. In fact, the growing interest in Italy’s delicious cuisine is evident in the “New Foodie Destination: Eataly World.” It’s a destination just outside of Bologna that allows you to explore the farming traditions of Italy. This place offers foodies the option to see working farms, shop local artisans, and participate in educational tours. Ben Gilbert from Business Insider referred to it as “A massive Italian food theme park.” It sounds like a fantastic destination for foodies all over the world.

Italy is full of good food, and at BestRecipes it’s near and dear to our hearts, so we want to share with you various Italian recipes from sandwiches to sauces to pasta. We hope you enjoy.

1.Italian Sandwich 

2. Marinara Sauce

3. Stuffed Meatballs 

4. Palomino Sauce 

5. Chicken Parmesan 

6. Ricotta Calzones

7. Tuscan Turkey Ciabatta 

8. Easy Garlic Bread

9. Pesto


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