9 Beauty Tips from the Kitchen

There are a ton of beauty products on the market. Go to any drug or specialty store and you’ll see the stocked shelves.  No matter what problem you’re trying to eliminate from fine lines to dark spots, there are products available. However, the price of beauty can be costly, that’s why we’ve compiled a few home remedies.

  1. Coconut oil and olive oil: Try either of these nourishing oils to remove eye makeup. They also make good moisturizers, cuticle creams, and lip glosses.
  2. Oatmeal and brown sugar: Both of these are good exfoliants. Oatmeal is excellent in home made facials.  It’s relaxing for irritated skin and removes dirt from pores. You can simply grind it up and mix with plain yogurt and honey. Rub it into your face and allow it to dry, then wash it off. Brown sugar works well in a lip scrub. You can mix it with honey, olive oil, and a pinch of vanilla (for added flavor). Rub over your lips, let it sit for a few minutes and wash off (or lick off).
  3. Honey: Honey naturally kills bacteria. It also moisturizes.  Add it to homemade scrubs or facials. If you’re trying to reduce inflammation from acne, mix honey with turmeric for a face mask (but don’t leave on for more than 10 minutes, it can dye your skin).
  4. Plain yogurt: Yogurt is nourishing. It can provide skin with a deep cleaning.
  5. Eggs: Eggs are packed with protein. They can even improve skin elasticity.
  6. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are a traditional favorite. If you have tired, or puffy eyes, place some cool cucumber slices on. Sit back and relax for about 10-15 minutes, or until you need to exchange them for cooler slices.
  7. Carrot Juice and water: Drinking water clears out impurities. It can help flush toxins from your body, and may promote healthier skin from the inside. If you have acne, you may want to consider drinking carrot juice. It has a high content of vitamin A, which can clear up annoying breakouts. Retin-A (a drug designed to treat skin conditions, such as acne) is actually a form of vitamin A.
  8. Baking soda: Are you looking for pearly whites? Adding baking soda to your brushing routine can whiten teeth naturally and safely. Just be prepared for a bitter taste.
  9. Tea bags: Have you ever had a stye? You can use a tea bag as a warm compress (preferably green or black tea). Soak it in warm to hot water and drain out some of the excess. Once tea bag is at a comfortable and safe heat, place it on your eye. Allow it to rest there for 15-30 min (or overnight). You can repeat the process as needed. If you prefer a cold compress, allow tea bags to cool in the fridge prior to using them. Keep in mind, tea bags can stain fabrics.

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