4 Pain Remedies Found in The Kitchen

From headaches to backaches, no one wants to deal with pain all the time. But, constant pill popping isn’t exactly the best answer either. In fact, many pain pills are fine in short duration, but not for long term use. Just read the side effects if you want to be scared straight. So, if we can’t pop pills constantly, and don’t want to live in pain, what should we do? Well, there are plenty of natural solutions, there’s heating pads, cold packs, muscle cream, chiropractic adjustments, and massages to name a few. There are also natural remedies that can be found in the kitchen.


Joint pain, muscle pain, stomachaches, and motion sickness, this spice might be the perfect thing to add to your medicine cabinet. It’s been shown to help reduce inflammation, and of course pain in various forms. You can buy it fresh, pickled, in tea, powdered, and in supplements. However, take precaution with crystallized ginger as it typically contains high amounts of sugar.

Salmon, Mackerel, and Sardines

Fish high in Omega-3s may actually help reduce pain associated with arthritis. While wild-caught salmon is well known for its health benefits, it’s actually not the only fish you can turn to for assistance with pain-relief. Mackerel and Sardines are other great options. You can also turn to supplements for your Omega-3s.


This golden spice is the main ingredient in curry. But, flavoring foods isn’t its only use. In fact, turmeric has “anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.” This spice may help reduce stiffness and pain from arthritis, strains, sprains, and joint inflammation. It may also help relieve inflammation on your skin. However, be aware that turmeric is also a blood thinner, so try not to overdo it.

Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries contain anti-inflammatory properties as well. These cherries have been said to help reduce muscle pain that results from exercise, and even pain associated with osteoarthritis. Studies have also indicated that tart cherries could help reduce flare ups caused by gout. You can find tart cherries in a juice, dried, or in a supplement. However, fresh tart cherries can be difficult to find, but not impossible. Some online stores and food markets do sell them when they are available.

Pain can be downright irritating. It can take away from the quality of your life and distract you from your daily responsibilities. And, although pills can help relieve pain, it’s not necessarily the best answer to take them constantly. So why not try a natural solution to relieve your pain?

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