10 of the Best Foodie Destinations to Visit in the U.S.

Ready to plan your trip around your culinary experience? We’re ready to help. There are plenty of delicious eats to be had. We’ll focus on 10 of the best options in the United States so you can start planning your vacations. Enjoy!

1. Portland, Oregon

This city has it all from low cost foods to upscale dining establishments. You’ll find fresh, local ingredients abounding. Many of these chefs like to experiment and come up with new ideas.

Portland is also overflowing with food carts and trucks to entice many. And if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee or beer, Portland is your city.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

The culture in New Orleans is rich with delicious foods, from chargrilled oysters to Blackened Red Fish, the city delights seafood lovers. New Orleans is also known for its amazing Po’boys, Cajun sausage, and gumbo. These options are just a few of the tasty selections you’ll find when visiting this city.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

Does a delicious dish of shrimp and grits or golden fried chicken sound good to you? Charleston may be your destination choice. Expect hospitality and farm-to-table food in this city.

4. San Francisco, California

Want to visit San Fran? It’s home to coffee cafes, creative cuisine, and a wide array of international food choices. Choose this location if you consider yourself an adventurous foodie. You’ll find a variety of dishes, and loads of eatery choices from low-key to upscale.

5. New York City, New York 

Of course, you can’t go to New York City without having pizza (thin and crispy), it’s a staple. But, don’t stop there, New York City has it all, and you’ll find this in their food choices. You’ll be delighted with the diverse options including a variety of international cuisine choices.

6. Los Angeles, California

LA has a variety of food trucks, breweries, and cocktail bars. You’ll also find delicious Mexican fare and Italian dishes, to name a few. This city has a variety of choices for foodies to delight in. And, if you love Sushi, you’ll want to visit Little Tokyo, it “has been a sushi town ever since the California roll hit LA restaurants in the 1960s.”

7. Austin, Texas 

Do you absolutely love food trucks? You probably won’t find any place with more food trucks available than Austin, which means a wide range of food options. Austin is also known for its BBQ and Tex-Mex food selections.

8. Seattle, Washington

Is seafood your favorite thing? You may want to schedule a trip to Seattle. Since they’re by the ocean, they have a wide variety of fresh seafood. You’ll find oysters, salmon, tuna, and more.

Washington is also a great destination if you love wines, ciders, and beers. “There are over 66 vineyards and 62 cideries. In 2014… Washington State had the second largest number of breweries in the nation after California.” And, hundreds of breweries have opened since this count was tallied.

9. Atlanta, Georgia 

You’ll find Southern hospitality and a great selection of food in Atlanta. From locally grown ingredients to international cuisine, you’ll have your pick of choices. Of course, you’ll want to try their fried chicken, BBQ, and pizza.

10. Chicago, Illinois 

Visiting Chicago? There are three main foods you have to try: Deep-Dish Pizza, Chicago Dogs, and Italian Beef. Chicago’s Deep-Dish Pizza starts out with a thick dough, piled with cheese and other ingredients that you’d like, then the sauce tops it off. Your Chicago Dog will come in a poppy seed bun. It will include relish, tomato wedges (not ketchup), a pickle spear, hot peppers, yellow mustard, and a sprinkle of celery salt. You can order an Italian beef sandwich in hot or sweet. We recommend dipping it in a side of au jus (typically referred to as gravy).

These are the iconic staples, but Chicago is also filled with other choices, including a number of gourmet options.


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